One room down…

…all of them minus one to go.

One of the very first rooms we started working on in the house was our laundry room. This is the place where we access the garage from the house so we knew we wanted it to be a functional space for both washing clothes and storing our keys/sunglasses/random assortment of daily items.

Here’s what we started with:

photo (10) photo (9)

And BAM! This is what we have now:


I really love how it turned out and it didn’t take much effort or money. We painted the cabinets white and the walls a calm grayish blue color (Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams). It feels so much more pleasant  and clean now than it did with the yellow/beige that was there before, don’t ya think? We also added a counter ($60 for 6ft at Lowe’s – cut to the size we needed), a couple of his and her baskets for keys and mail, and a lamp from Target. The small green container is an old vase we’re using as a trash bin for lint and random pocket junk.

I say it didn’t take much effort but to be completely honest, I only did the painting. My dear, sweet husband installed the counter and let’s just say I heard more than a few grumbles and five dollar swear words coming from behind closed doors.


3 thoughts on “One room down…

    • Thank you so much! We’re in Stage One of a kitchen remodel right now (nothing major, not yet anyway) and I hope to post about that soon.

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