Friday Five

It’s Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Let’s get to it.

1 – We made homemade peanut butter cups the other night and they were so freaking good! I used this recipe from Brown eyed Baker for the peanut butter mixture but we didn’t use the directions for the chocolate since it called for a microwave. No, we do not have a microwave. Yes, I know that’s weird. We haven’t had one since we moved to this house and we haven’t actually missed it but we are planning on putting one in when we renovate the kitchen (next year? 2018? I don’t know anymore). Anyway, we just used our double boiler and melted a couple of bags of milk chocolate chips (no need to add anything to them).


2 – I took this picture of Otter the other night and I cannot stop looking at it and laughing.


3 – I posted a current picture of our living room the other day on Instagram (@jmens6 if you want to follow) that makes our downstairs seem like it’s pretty put together. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Here’s the photo I posted on Instagram. If you look at the bottom left you get a little hint.


And here’s the view if I turn slightly to the left:


The only thing that’s really finished in our entry is the floor. Here’s a rough list of what else needs to be taken care of: the rug needs to be replaced because the dogs have eaten parts of it and it’s a little too small for the space, I need to build a new entry table because this one doesn’t really go with our style anymore, we need to skim coat the wall because I gave up on removing the painted over wall paper, the baseboards need to be installed/caulked/painted, I want to switch the light out, the walls need to be painted and I need to finish refinishing the old front door we bought 2 years ago so that we can switch it out with this door which by the way, is half painted purple on the front side. This would probably be a good project to tackle soon because it’s not actually that much work. I need to look at our 2016 goal list though and see where we stand on that.

4 – Even though we’re probably still several years away from doing a gut job on our master bathroom, I’ve been looking at ideas on Pinterest a lot lately. I am in completely in love with this vanity and really hope we can find someone to custom build something similar for us when the time comes.

mcm bathroom

(Photo by Ema Peter Photography)

5 – The huge, half-fallen pine tree in our backyard shifted yesterday and is now even closer to actually falling. If that little oak it’s resting on would just give way I think it would finally hit the ground. There’s not really a way for us to move the process along safely without hiring someone to come remove that whole group of trees and honestly I’m way too cheap for that. It shouldn’t cause any damage when it finally does fall (other than knocking out some of that cheap lattice) so we’re just trying to let nature take its course. We are being careful with letting the dogs out in the meantime though.



That’s it for this week! Here’s a tentative plan for this weekend:

Friday night (if it doesn’t rain): Finish installing posts for railings.

Saturday: Long run, finish deck boards, build/install stairs?

Sunday: Install railings, build/install stairs, work on front door project.


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