Friday Five

This week has flown by! I kept meaning to post about tearing down our deck but all of a sudden I woke up and it was Friday. No complaints here.

1 – We are mostly finished building the second phase of the fence! We have two warped boards that need to be replaced and we need to fix a few places so that the dogs can’t slip out but we finished enough to move on with the next phase of outdoor work. The open spot is where the gate will eventually go. Right now we put some lattice up just to keep the dogs from getting out.

IMG_2154 (002)


2 – We ripped down the deck last weekend! Well, I ripped down the deck with a little help on the stairs from Hell and Kyle handled a majority of the clean up. As long as it doesn’t rain we’ll start on the new deck this weekend!


3 – We’ve been spending a lot of time outside with the pups now that the yard has almost doubled in size again. They are loving all of the extra space and it doesn’t hurt that this is the only grassy area in the backyard right now. Dead grass > no grass.


4 – Our upstairs air conditioning unit went out on Tuesday and it was miserable. All of our bedrooms are upstairs and it was super hot earlier this week. We don’t have a ceiling fan in our room and I prefer arctic temperatures when it comes to sleeping so we ended up sleeping on the floor in the living room. The dogs didn’t mind. Thankfully we were able to get it fixed Wednesday afternoon and the cost was under $100.


5 – We slightly changed the plan for moving the current back doors in the kitchen. Instead of sliding them down the same wall, we’re hoping to take the current dining room window out and put the new doors there instead. This means less steps from the door to the deck and it lets us walk right into what will be the outdoor kitchen/dining area which will be better for grilling. It should also bring in more light on that end of the space. We’ll probably do this next Spring/Summer along with adding more windows in the kitchen/dining room.


That’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll have lots to share next week. I’m usually pretty ambitious in my weekend plans but my hope is to finish getting the back area prepped tonight (rake, pressure wash foundation, lay weed fabric) so that we can start building tomorrow. I really want to power through because right now it’s a hassle to get the dogs out since we have to take them through  the tiny laundry room and then out the back door of the garage but I also want to take the time to make sure everything is 100% right.


Friday Five

What’s up, jerks?!*

I really wanted to get more into blogging this year but so far it hasn’t happened. Part of that is a lack of things to blog about because I don’t want to post something just to have some sort of content. That being said, in an effort to get myself to post regularly, I’m going to try doing a Friday post every week that just throws out 5 things that are going on in our lives at the moment. We all know how great I am with keeping up with these things (I owe you guys a 2016 goal update for instance) so we’ll see. Let’s get to it.

  1. *We’re binge watching The League right now and it’s giving me a lot of feelings. I miss football season. Rafi is disgusting but hilarious. I wish there were more than seven seasons. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when we finish the series; we only have four episodes left. SINT. Time to pick one of the billion shows we’re behind on…maybe we’ll finally finish Parks and Rec. Or Pysch. Or catch up on Gotham. Deadliest Catch? Suits? NCIS? The options are endless and overwhelming!
  2. We’re almost done with the next phase of the fence! We just have three more panels to finish plus the gate and then we can connect it to the existing lattice fence. Fingers crossed that means deck demo can get underway this weekend. Ugh, our poor grass. That’s what happens when you have a very hot, dry summer.fenceleft
  3. Kyle and I registered for a half marathon and we’ve been getting up early almost every Saturday morning for our long runs. My longest so far has been 13 so I’m feeling pretty prepared for the race and it’s not until September. My last couple of long runs have been 10-11 miles but I’m hoping to bump back up to 12-13 this weekend. It’s supposed to be super hot though so we’ll see.
  4. We’re currently fostering the cutest kitten. Her name is Gracie and she’s just over 4 months old. She’s fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed, and ready to be adopted. gracie
  5. I’m thinking about getting a new blog design soon. I’ve never loved this one and I’ve been wanting to upgrade for some time. I’ve been putting it off until I have more to blog about but maybe if my blog is prettier I’ll want to blog more? I don’t know but I think I’m going to test out a couple of blog themes this weekend to see if I can find anything I love.